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Access the best
QA engineers
in Bulgaria

Specialized QA staffing by IT professionals

Leading Quality Assurance Teams for Your Needs

Our dream team of IT professionals and recruiters will assist you in recruiting and selecting the best Quality Assurance experts in Bulgaria to suit your project requirements with no hassle.

You want to build a QA dream team? Consider the following benefits when working with us:


Skilled professionals


The team is pre-selected to match all your needs


Transparent Salaries and Process


Quick Start (results in first 2-3 weeks)


Our team will manage all operational and administrative costs for you

Design and regulate

We will ensure that your team has the best environment by preparing regular team buildings that you can visit


Our Clients

Skillo’s ambition is to assemble the best possible QA team for the individual client’s needs.

We are entirely engaged with delivering the most suitable team for your project.

Ranging from Junior QAs to QA Managers, Skillo is dedicated to providing our client base with value-oriented coordinated assistance to outstaff your work to experts. For more information, check out the FAQ page.

Our partners:

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Contact us

If you are in need for proper talent at affordable prices, without the need to expand your infrastructure, send us an inquiry. We will get back to you shortly with more information and proposition.

There is no such thing as talent shortage, you just need to contact the right people!

All you need to do is describe your necessities, Skillo will do the rest.